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The following provisions apply to all services, advice and data media of hub.brussels, based in 1000 Brussels.
All users shall be assumed to have taken note of, understood and implicitly accepted these provisions and submit to them.


1.1. General data media

hub.brussels exercises the utmost care in choosing its sources so as to provide, as far as possible, information that is reliable, complete and up-to-date in its various data media (websites, publications, leaflets, etc.).
If hub.brussels were to detect errors or if errors were pointed out to it, it would ensure that these were corrected as quickly as possible. However, neither the agency nor any of its directors, managers or employees assumes any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy and quality of these data and this information.

These data media: 

  • are not necessarily complete, exhaustive, accurate or up-to-date;
  • refer if necessary to external sources over which hub.brussels has no control;
  • in no way constitute an expert opinion on the subject in question.

1.2. Personalised information and advice services

All hub.brussels's personalised information and advice services depend on: 

  • analysing the needs of the customer as these are communicated and described by the latter to hub.brussels staff;
  • researching the data and information most likely to meet the needs of the customer in the most reliable, complete and up-to-date sources.

hub.brussels endeavours to provide these personalised information and advice services with all the professionalism and seriousness one might expect of it. However, the quality of these services depends directly on elements of information and assessment that are beyond the control of hub.brussels. Neither it nor any of its directors, managers or employees can therefore be held responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information and advice provided.

1.3. Use of information by the customer

hub.brussels can neither control nor influence the way in which the customer uses or understands the information it has provided. As a result, hub.brussels shall in no way be held responsible for damage, be it direct, indirect, accidental or specific, of any kind whatsoever (loss of earnings, loss of opportunity, damage caused by negligence or forgetfulness, writing, interpretation, reference and distribution) caused by or related to knowledge or use of the available information.

1.4. Availability of information

hub.brussels attempts wherever possible to avoid technical difficulties in the provision of its information and advice. It cannot be held responsible for damage or losses which may arise out of possible disturbances or interruptions to or errors in the provision of this information and advice (interruption to work, damage to programs or equipment, etc.); any request for financial compensation is therefore ruled out.


hub.brussels takes all possible measures aimed at protecting your privacy as far as possible and satisfying the standards laid down by the law on the protection of privacy (the "Loi sur la Protection de la Vie Privée") with regard to the processing of personal data.

a) Your personal details

The personal information supplied to hub.brussels as part of a subscription to a newsletter, a request for information or an order for services or publications is gathered in a database and verified by hub.brussels.

This information is used exclusively to answer your request and provide you with an efficient service, as well as to keep you informed of impulse.brussels's products, services and actions. It is not used to identify you when you visit hub.brussels's websites, is not transmitted, lent out or sold to third parties, either wholly or in part, and is not used for commercial purposes.

b) Modifying your personal details

All users who prove their identity are entitled at any time to consult the information collected about them, after having made a written request. Incomplete or inaccurate information can thus be continually completed, corrected or deleted. If you wish to view your personal details, simply contact hub.brussels by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by letter (hub.brussels, Chaussée de Charleroi 110, 1060 Brussels).

c) Other data - cookies

hub.brussels also collects data of a non-personal nature, for example via any website that led you to one of hub.brussels's websites. This information is used to analyse public statistics, such as examining the most commonly used browser, with the aim of improving the services offered by hub.brussels.

Finally, information is collected in log files. This information may be used for internal purposes, such as analysing traffic and profiles, to be able to adapt the services offered even more precisely to the needs of users.

hub.brussels's websites do not use cookies. Cookies are small files of information which your browser stores on your computer's hard disk.

d) About communications by e-mail

The information contained in an e-mail (including attachments) is confidential and reserved for the exclusive use of the recipients of this mail. If you are not the recipient, you should be aware that you may not divulge, reproduce or make use of this information for yourself or any other person. If you have received an e-mail in error, you are asked to inform the sender of this immediately and to delete the e-mail message from your computer.

If in the future you no longer wish to receive e-mails from hub.brussels, simply let us know.

e) About communications by telephone

If you have used our services, it is possible that we might contact you by telephone as part of a customer satisfaction study. You may also be contacted to receive information on our products or seminars. If you do not wish to receive such calls, simply let us know.


All elements (images, texts, comments, formatting, logos, databases, programs, etc.) reproduced in data media are reserved by way of copyright.

Unless specified to the contrary, the reproduction of content is permitted, on the express condition that:
• the source is cited and appears on all pages;
• the content is used only for information purposes;
• the content is not modified.

However, prior authorisation is always required for the reproduction or use of multimedia information (images, sounds, software, etc.).


It is only possible to create a hyperlink from any website to hub.brussels's general site or to the specialist sites managed by hub.brussels after having first contacted impulse.brussels and obtained its express permission. The complete URL address of hub.brussels's website in question must be clearly visible.

hub.brussels is not responsible for divulging third-party information files linked to its web pages. This link in no way implies the validation of these files and does not signify the existence of a collaboration between hub.brussels and the administrators of this other site.

hub.brussels's websites may contain hyperlinks to other sites. Under no circumstances, however, can hub.brussels be held responsible for the content of these other sites, nor the products or services on offer there.

hub.brussels reserves the right to shut down any hyperlink at any time.


Any dispute or action relating to the subject addressed on the present website is governed by Belgian law. Users undertake to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Brussels, without prejudice to the right of hub.brussels to summon before any other competent court.

hub.brussels reserves the right to modify the present web page at its own discretion, without having to answer for the consequences of this modification. Problems may be reported to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.at any time.