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The EIC pilot goes to space!

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot has been funding multiple projects dealing with New Space technologies over the years.

Aerospace, Internet of Things, telecommunications, Earth observation, agriculture: these are only few of the domains that the funded companies are revolutionising thanks to their disruptive work. Here there is an overview of some of these innovation actors and their – literally – out-of-this-planet technologies. 


Arralis products are now used in both terrestrial and space environments and its partners include the world’s largest aerospace, automotive, defence and communications companies.

Arralis designs are highly focused on the development and production of extremely complex, integrated microwave assemblies including antennae, up and down-converters and demodulators. The high-resolution radars and antennas Arralis produces find application in several domains such as autonomous vehicles, satellite communications, helicopter landing, space science and military defence.


Iceye provides easy and flexible access to Earth observation data. Its satellite constellation provides the users with accurate images of the desired location updated every hour. Furthermore, it makes it possible to look at the planet’s surface no matter the weather or lightning conditions. 

Iceye’s technology has now found diverse applications on both land and sea. Pipeline monitoring, flood mapping, prevention of illegal fishing, oil spill monitoring and coastal security are just few of the domains that benefit from Iceye’s innovation.

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